I Will Never Quit at Dark Souls

Last time on Aether Dies a Lot in Dark Souls, we… actually didn’t die all that much. Turns out I’m pretty badassed! Who knew! We absolutely conquered the Undead Parish, cheated against most of the minibosses they threw at us, tried interacting with our fellow players to absolutely no end result, and rang one of the two magic bells that we need to ring for reasons that are certain to be almost valid! That was a pretty productive entry! Although wow, has it really been a month since I posted the last one? I need to kick these out faster.


After ringing the bell, we head back down the belltower. There’s this guy, here. And yes, he stands like that the whole time I’m talking to him. Dude apparently heard the bell ringing then decided to move in to the base of the tower and ask for a hug. He offers to forgive me of my sins, for a price. Obviously, I am the Best Chosen One and don’t have any sins, so I don’t have much use for that, but he also sells a few things. I don’t have the money or use for most of them, but I do buy some purging stones, which cure curses, because the internet tells me that curses in this game are about the worst things ever. As you probably know, I hate things that are bad, so I stock up now.

Heading back downstairs, I come to a quick realization. Some eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I got a new helmet when I killed the Gargoyles last update. Have I finally obtained a piece of solid armor that doesn’t make me look like a ninny?


Success! Oh my… I didn’t think it was actually possible! I had stopped believing, I had lost hope, but finally! Finally I can show pictures of my character without shame! I don’t have to worry about other players laughing at me when I show up as a ghost in their games! The helmet even makes the chainmail shirt look decent! Oh, happy day!

Anyways, bell is rung, I’m pretty much done with the parish, so I head back to Firelink Shrine, which is fast becoming the closest thing I have to a home base, much to my chagrin.

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