New Eden Page 3: Return of the Page

I used to fantasize about one day getting good at art.  When that happened, if I felt like showing my little story to the world, I’d go back and redraw the old pages so they’re actually presentable.  Well, that never happened, so we still end up with pages like this.  I sketched it out, then got bored and never really did anything more, for a good long while.  I had actually dropped the project for a couple of months, but the story idea I had intrigued me, so I came back and added text to this.  All in the same sketching pencil I had originally done this in.  As a result, the whole page is pretty illegible when you don’t have it right in front of you.  Transcript below the image.


New Eden Page 3

Panel 1: It’s late… very late.  I have to work tomorrow.
Panel 2:  I really should get to bed.  It’ll be a long day tomorrow.  I’ve got a gig in the afternoon, so I’ll have to be up early for makeup, prep, all the rest of that stuff.  Still…
Panel 3:  Hattie said Exodus was in that game, New Life.  I wonder if it’s really him.  Seems unlikely.  But I think I’d have heard if he’d licensed his image.
Panel 4: Luckily…
Panel 5: Agla hooked me up.

 Page 4

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