New Eden Page 4: A New Hope… for Pages

As mentioned last time, I had taken a fairly substantial break on drawing this whole thing after sketching out the last page.  At the time, I hadn’t thought I’d be keeping this project up.  Well, the concept just wouldn’t let me go, and here’s where I decided to keep up with it in the long term.  As a result, I got a lot more serious about creating this graphic novel from here on out.  Well, for the most part.  I think it shows in the quality.

One of the big things I was wanting more practice on was hands.  Hands are really hard to draw, as seen below, in which they all look horrible.  That’s actually one of the reasons I kept going with this graphic novel, it’d be showing a lot of characters in action, and action requires hands, ergo I’d be drawing a hell of a lot of hands here.  And it’s true, I did.  I think I got a bit better at them, too.

New Eden Page 4Transcript:

Panel 1:  The American government says this is risky

Panel 2: Total virtual reality, on a machine with almost no moving parts.  Nobody knows how it works.  Supposedly, some people get lost in the illusion, wander off, and disappear.

Panel 3: On the other hand, I haven’t talked to him in so long.

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4 responses to “New Eden Page 4: A New Hope… for Pages

    • Thanks! I really appreciate that!

      Yep, that’s the whole idea of this comic project, to give me lots and lots of practice until eventually I can draw something that doesn’t make me cringe. Progress is going slow, but it’s still progress.

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