The Best of Intentions

I’m putting this in writing because if other people know I’m thinking of it, I’m going to be more inclined to follow through with it.  It would be like shaming myself into doing something, except I don’t really feel shame because I’m convinced I’m the best in the world no matter what I do.  This phrase is really getting away from me.  Let’s move on.

I don’t like leaving things unfinished.  Not personally, not professionally, not even with my games.  Yet I’ve done an awful lot of that around this blog.  Series half started, petered out let’s plays, retrospectives that draw a lot of views but still don’t carry through the entire franchise they’re covering.

I would like to correct that.  My reading, writing, and thinking capacities aren’t the best right now, but given time, I would like to go back and cap off all those series I tried to start.  At my pace of writing, we’ll be seeing this interspersed over the next few years, and it’s going to be calling back a lot of old, old posts that most people who check in now had no clue had been going on because I have been blogging for a long, long time in internet terms.  Maybe people will like them.  Maybe they won’t.  But I’m mostly doing this for me.  At some point in my life, younger and slightly less sexy Aether thought it would be a good idea to be running through those series, and if I can’t trust him, who can I trust?

Anyways, to my recollection, the series I’ve got going now are our Fallout Let’s Play, our series on women as leading protagonists in games, and that Higurashi in-depth analysis I’ve been kind of lagging on.  We’ll be continuing with those.

Then, in the months or years to come, we’ll also see me re-picking up our Saint’s Row Retrospect and the Persona Retrospective, and both our Let’s Plays on Recettear and on Shin Megami Tensei.  The SMT one didn’t appear on this blog, but it’s out there on the internet and unfinished, and I don’t want to leave it like that.  I’d also like to be revisiting the whole Visual Novel Theatre deal a bit more, although that one was never a finite series and more just something I haven’t really touched on in a while.

So yeah.  That’s a goal.  A bit more of what we’ll be seeing in the future.  You can get back to your day now.

6 responses to “The Best of Intentions

  1. It would be cool to finish off a series you have started, but don’t let the self imposed obligation pressure you too much. Writing something you feel you need to complete over topics you would rather cover may lead to burn out. Capitalism ho!

    • Yeah, you’re right. These things have been sticking around in my head though, and I keep coming back to them mentally. There was a reason I started them up in the first place, and I think it’ll be pretty satisfying to me to finally put them to rest.

  2. I can’t even envision a possibility of a less sexy Aether. It would be like imagining an unmagnificent and less lovely Shameful Narcissist *shudders* A world such as that could not be viable.

    I understans unfinished business. Someone insulted me once, and I haven’t yet exterminated all of his family, friends, cohorts, and bank tellers’ third cousin’s produce handlers just yet. Embarrassing.

    • Yeah, just the thought of those reminds me of the dark ages. How did people live before self-aggrandizement?

      And you know, we’re coming up on a long weekend. Maybe that would give you enough time to fully erase everyone who even knows about that poor fool. Just a little bit of overtime. Job well done and all that.

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