Cooking with Testosterone: Rice and Cranberry Soup



Life is still quite hectic, right now. ┬áSo I figured I’d continue the pattern and post material I already had written, but never quite found a home on the internet. ┬áHere’s a thing I once wrote simply for the amusement of my friends and family, which served as progenitor to this post some time ago.

Tonight’s challenger is Rice and Cranberry Soup. It was supposed to be Wild Rice and Cranberry Soup, but where I live, they stop nice things at the border in. The closest thing I could find was a Rice-a-Roni mixture that had a couple bits of wild rice within it. Any lesser person would have been stymied here, but luckily, I am very sexy, and that means I don’t have to play by the rules.

Anyways, the soup itself was really simple. Cook rice, fry veggies, throw everything into broth, heat up and eat. Decided to go with a featherweight contender for my first match. It had a lot of vegetables, though, so I can still brag about how healthy I’m being even after I eat the fatty, fatty meals I’m planning for the next two nights.

As I do with everything else, I absolutely conquered this dinner. The vegetables and rice were cooked to perfect texture, and I added just the right amount of cranberries to where there was flavor in every bite, but it wasn’t overwhelming. However, I should have used more stock and it was slightly under-seasoned, so I can only award 12 out of 5 points.