Basic Knowledge for the First-Time Job Seeker


Yeah, I think at this point we’ve abandoned any pretense at having a theme for this blog.  Welcome to Lost to the Aether, where we talk about whatever random thought floats to the top of my mind on any given week!  Today’s topic: Entry Level Jobs!

High schools and colleges have been having their graduations in recent weeks, or if they haven’t yet, will be hitting them soon.  That leaves a lot of youngsters out there with nothing to do.  Which means a lot of youngsters trying to find jobs for the first time, so they can get money for whatever it is youngsters like these days.  Those Britney Spears albums and Pong arcade machines and what not.  And, since my organization seems to get a couple open entry-level part time positions each year that get a lot of applicants fresh out of high school, and since my organization finds some sort of fiendish delight in making me staff them, a lot of these youngsters are going to be coming through my doors looking for jobs.  And not a lot of them actually know what they’re doing.  It’s not their fault.  They just haven’t gone through the whole process before.  They still waste both my and their time, though.

So, in the hopes that typing this up is going to make at least one prospective job seeker bother me just a little bit less, here’s some common sense things people should know before the first time they apply for a job.  As the title states, this is pretty basic stuff, and mostly for first-timers in the job sphere.  If you’re looking for a full-time mid-level position, this stuff probably isn’t going to help you much.  Because you should know it already.  If not, then shame on you.  Besides, I’m just drawing on my personal experiences as an interviewer, and I don’t handle anything higher level.  But hey, if you’re wanting to bone up before you go for your first job, you’re in the right place!  Let’s get started!

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