Keeping up the Fight

If you’ve been following along with us for any length of time, you’ve probably picked up a few quality Aether facts.  Such as that I am awesome and everyone wants to be my friend.  Or that I am almost impossibly sexy.  Or that I’ve been spending the past many years on a personal quest to beat all the games I own.

As much as I would love to talk to you about either of the first two today, let’s be a little bit more productive and spend some time on the third one.

So, just to run through the deets, basically, how this works is that I’ve been working my way up through my entire collection of videogames, in blocks equivalent to the console generations, starting with the oldest and moving forwards through time.  Every game, I do what I can to beat.  No matter how bad it is.  I mean, I forced myself all the way through Fur Fighters, and already we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with that.  Now, there are some games I’m not capable of beating, some games that just fall apart due to bugs partway through, and some games that legitimately completely run out of new content long before you can call them beaten.  And I do give myself allowances for that.  Not many, because I am an absolute warbeast with the patience of a saint.  After all, I beat Fur Fighters.  I guarantee you know nobody else who’s done that.  But no, the point is, I’ve got a collection of games, most of which have fallen before me already, but not all of which that has.  One by one, I’m on a quest to bring them all in line.

My quest is not a quick one.  Nor an easy one.  In fact, I’ve been at it for years, and am now only around halfway through.  Since I started, I’ve lived in three different houses, gone through so many life changes, and have gained control of the power cosmic supreme.  Yeah.  I’ve got somewhere along the lines of 600-700 games in my collection.  When I’m trying to see them all through, yeah, it takes some time.

Sometimes, I wonder why I’m doing this.  I don’t have any inclination of stopping, but I try to draw my mind back on why I started, and, well, I don’t rightly know.

Which is okay, really.  When you’re as great as I am, sometimes, you just do awesome things on instinct.  But it is nice to know the reasoning behind it, at least.

Part of it does lie in the thought that games are some form of art, and art does have intrinsic value.  Yes, even Fur Fighters.  No matter how bad the actual game is, even the absolute shovelware, someone had to put a lot of time, devotion, and character into making it happen.  That’s something that may not be obvious until you start plumbing the depths and forcing yourself to find the gold in the straw, the diamond in the rough, the me in this unworthy world.  I’ve yet to find a game in my collection that, painful though it may be, did not have at least something to share.

And part of it is that I take some sort of ownership of the games I obtain.  I chose to make them part of my collection, part of my gaming life.  It feels like a disservice to myself to take them in and not explore them.  Like I’ve given myself an opportunity for an experience, and never taken it.

And really, there are some games that I just wouldn’t be touching if I didn’t make myself do something like this.  Games change, as they progress, and the experience at the end is usually, for better or worse, a rather different one than that you find at the beginning.  Even with the bad games, that can be something worse seeing.  Tastes change, too.  Once upon a time, Killer 7 topped my Top 10 Worst Games list on some random site.  I played it as part of this journey, and actually found myself mildly pleased with it.  I never would have touched Kingdom Hearts II again, because I had a really dreck time with the first time I played it.  Years later, it’s the same game, yet I enjoyed it quite a bit more.

It’s also interesting, following the lines that the development of the medium has been following.  How inspiration and creativity flows from one endeavor to another.  It’s one of those things that often only really becomes obvious in hindsight, but with the benefit of knowing where this is all going, you can really follow along with how this medium, an infant compared to most other, is really growing.

So I may not know why I started this, but I’m not going to stop until I have dominated this quest as I dominate all things.  And along the way, I feel it does help me enjoy the games I own in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.

So what do you say we play some games, eh?