Reaching Out on Mobile Games

I’ve invested into my gaming computer, and although I’ll never be an overclocker, I still have a pretty good rig.  With the exclusion of the Virtual Boy, I’ve owned every one of Nintendo’s consoles and handhelds.  I have the machinery to play any Playstation game I want.  The lower section of my TV stand is an absolute mass of gaming equipment, with a web of power cables that put most spiders to shame.  And yet I’ve never owned a phone that I could play any significant games on.

It just never really mattered to me.  I use my cell phone to call, text, take pictures, and idly surf the internet.  If I’m going to get games, I’d rather use a console.  It’s been rare that I’ve felt the need to even download an app, outside of the ones that are tied to my job somehow, but I’ve got my second cell phone provided by my job to handle that and make my pockets less comfortable.

I’ve had this $20 phone I got years ago, and have been really happy with it.  My service provider, however, has not.  They’ve wanted me to upgrade.  I’ve held up, until lately when they’ve announced my old, reliable phone wouldn’t work on their new network, and offered a lot of credit towards an upgrade.

So now I have a nice phone.  That can run pretty much anything.  That I never really wanted, but ok.  Now, players have denounced mobile gaming as being a haven for ‘filthy casuals’, but they denounced the Wii for the same thing, and you know, I have tons of phenomenal games for the console.  So I’m figuring there’s some real gems in cell phone gaming as well.  But I’ve been completely blind to that sphere of the craft.  So I’m reaching out to you all.  Those of you who’ve been riding the cell phone curve farther ahead of me, what games have  you enjoyed on your phone?

9 responses to “Reaching Out on Mobile Games

  1. Although I’ve had a smartphone for quite some time, I have to admit I tend not to invest in mobile games. In fact, I haven’t purchased a single one; if I’m bringing a game with me, you can count on me to reach for the 3DS or the Switch. That said, if it’s one interesting thing I’ve heard, it’s that the first two Ys games, despite having an outdated combat engine, work really well in the mobile format because you don’t have to push a button in order to attack. I find it interesting how certain developments seem primitive only for them to gain a new lease on life later down the line. A little context goes a long way, huh?

    • That is really interesting. And it makes a lot of sense. The simple gameplay would transfer really well to the highly simplified control scheme. That is really unique, that the game would become outdated, then technology would develop to the point to bring it around to relevance again. Maybe games aging is really just moving through the cycle. Maybe all these old bad games are going to get better with time.

      Yeah, probably not.

  2. Only game I played on mobile was Puzzle & Dragons, which I absolutely do not recommend at all. It also seems like the game is dead now anyway. I did download Dx2 Liberation (or however it’s written, the SMT mobile game) and Fate/Grand Order just out of series loyalty, but I haven’t even really done anything with either of them because they both kill my phone’s battery and I just don’t have the time.

    • I’ve had my eye on Dx2 Liberation as well, for basically the same reason, series loyalty. Reviews are actually pretty solid for it, but I don’t know. I feel like if a developer doesn’t take the SMT model seriously, building in some well-considered complexity into the turn-based structure, it’s a recipe for trouble, so I’m a little cautious not knowing how well this game handles it. But hell, it’s free to play, so no reason not to give it a try, I suppose.

  3. I test cell phones for a living so when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at them more, haha. I have enjoyed a few mobile games, though! The Simpsons Tapped Out (where you make your own Springfield and loads of Simpsons humour), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (old school JRPG style with characters from across the series), and some Frisbee game I can’t remember the name of but had fun wasting time on.

    Games are games no matter the platform. Why must people bash other people’s preferences? Sigh.

    • That… that would do it. I can’t imagine I’d be wanting to spend quality time with a cell phone after being on them all day either.

      Thanks for the recommendations! I’d been wondering how Brave Exvius is, in particular. I’ll check these out.

  4. I’m not expert in mobile gaming, but i have some games that you could find interesting at least.

    There is The Room series. Is about a box with a very important treasure inside, but that is the trick: the box is secured with mechanisms more and more complex each time you find how to unlock de previous one, and the solutions are ingenous, and very spectacular to see. Is hard to explain what im refering about that, so try yourself.

    Another one is Monument Valley. Maybe not very challenging, but the puzzles are engaging enough, and is esthetically beautiful.

    The Framed series is not SO great in my opinion, but maybe you will enjoy it. The game is basically disorganized comic panels, and you must fix it in the right sequence of the event.

    I also recommend the Cube Escape series. If you like Escape Rooms, and very surreal things, this is worth playing.

    And there it is The Devils Attorney. Trials solved trough “battles” that are more puzzles than battles, but the best part of the game are the interactions between characters.

    • Looking into the games, that does seem to be a really solid list.

      Devil’s Attorney in particular seems like it’s right up my alley. Looking at the trailers and reviews, it has a lot of the things I like in games. Involves a fair bit of strategy, good humor, gets the Phoenix Wright vibe going, looks like it’s something I need to check out.

      I used to really be into escape room games. It was a good way to relieve stress I always found. It would be cool to get back into those. And I’m getting some serious Myst vibes off of The Room, in a real solid way.

      I’ve actually got the Framed series on PC, through one of the Twitch Prime giveaways. I’ve never thought to start it up, not really knowing anything about it. I wonder if I can somehow get that transferred to the phone, seems they did add quite a bit of cell-friendly games on there.

      This is a really thoughtful set of suggestions. Thanks a lot for speaking up!

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