The Tabletop Critique-Cards Against Humanity

I’m just going to guess you’ve heard about Cards Against Humanity by now. Because, really, chances are. It’s gotten a little bit of attention. On the interwebz. I hear some people like it.


Right, so, if you don’t know about Cards Against Humanity, it’s basically Apples to Apples, except it’s intended to be played the way everyone really played Apples to Apples. The game is played by someone throwing out a statement card. Everyone else plays the cards in their hands that finish up the statement in the most humorous or awful way. Whoever gets the biggest laugh wins, then it all starts over again.

Also, the cards, they tend to be a little… brusque. Dirty jokes and black comedy. That’s part of the charm. Don’t play this game with your mom.

So yeah, game’s simple to play, so there’s not much analysis of the mechanics here. Let’s get down to the judgment here. Is the game good? In the right circumstances, it’s a great time. You have to enjoy this type of humor to have a good time with it, but if you do, yeah, it’s good. It’s pretty dependent on having a good-humored crew playing with you. Larger groups do seem to make it more fun, but the big key is that they have a sense of humor that aligns with yours. I played with a group that did, and had a great time. Played with a group I didn’t know so well, whose humor was more about alluding to baby murder as quickly as possible, and it was a lot more hit or miss. I played it drunk in a party, and it was like I found a new reason for living. I played with my mom, and we ended up having a long conversation about Jesus and my eternal soul.

Blazes, this is the quickest post I’ve written in a long while.

5 responses to “The Tabletop Critique-Cards Against Humanity

  1. You’re right that the players can make or break this game. Of course, with enough creativity and the right people, Apples to Apples can be *almost* as rowdy haha

    Also, I’ve totally played this with my mom. It was amazing haha

    • My games of Apples to Apples certainly made it up there. They give you some templates to make some cards yourself. I need to remember to take those out if I happen to have kids playing the game.

      Hey! I bet you had a pretty fun childhood, then.

      • Ha! Yeah we all used to sit around and play board games growing up, so that was definitely nice. Nothing quite as wild as Cards Against Humanity, but we all managed to get loud and have a good time.

    • You know, I’m guilty of throwing a really black joke out there occasionally myself. But when it pops out at every available opportunity, that just gets to be a little too much for me.

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