A Note for the Slow

Once upon a time, I wrote something I’m rather proud of.  Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Copyright Disclaimers.  It was funny, and charming, and informative, and it made the world a better place.  I just read it right now, and it brought a big smile to my face.  Man I rule.

So, anyways, point is, I wrote something great.  A humorous post calling out dumb people on the internet who think that claiming they didn’t mean to infringe copyright somehow exonerates them from infringing copyright while also explaining some of the basics about how copyright works.  It is a thing of beauty.  If you haven’t read it yet, you should.  It will make your life better.

People find that post.  Problem is, people don’t read that post.  See, for some people, this presses their hot button.  So they read the title, assume the content I wrote from that, then head right to the comment section as if I’m going to bother reading what they have to say when they clearly didn’t give me the same respect.

Todd just left a comment.  Todd’s one of those people.  I could respond to that, but I’d rather just call it out and mock it.  I’m assuming Todd just didn’t read the post.  I’m being generous in doing so.  Because the alternative is that Todd was just too dumb to comprehend what he was reading.  But just imagine what was going through Todd’s head there.  Aside from empty space.  Dude just read a title, than had some thought in his mind he absolutely thought the world needed to know.  Never mind that he had no comprehension of the actual content of that post.  Never mind that the post itself was in support of the very concepts he seems to think it’s arguing against.  Dude was so bloody full  of himself he thought he knew what it was all about without even reading it, because todd has all the attention span of a retarded goldfish.

So, I know time doesn’t come free.  I know it takes time to read something.  But please, if you’re going to take the time to leave a content, at least read the post first.  Otherwise you end up looking really dumb.

5 responses to “A Note for the Slow

  1. This reminds me of comment sections on some review sites where you’ll see somebody ask questions when the points raised were already clearly addressed. Then there are also those times when they’ll ask questions so specific that it makes one wonder why they simply don’t experience the work for themselves and have it provide all the answers for them (this usually only applies to positive reviews where the author is recommending something and not trying to spoil anything; if the work is bad, the commenters are probably trying to avoid it and rightly so).

    • Honestly, that’s a mentality that I don’t quite understand. Leaving a comment requires much more thought and energy than just reading the piece, so why wouldn’t you just do that instead, if it’s something your really curious about? I know sometimes people miss something, or they just want to have a voice in the conversation but don’t actually have much to say. Just seems odd to me to be so social without taking a look at what the other person has to say. But, that’s just people, I guess.

      • Well, as a certain adage goes, “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” Listening is truly an important skill, isn’t it? This is true even if the words are in text form.

  2. This is a great write up on the mating habits of sloths. Huh? How dare you accuse me of not reading the post!

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