A Point for Let’s Plays

So video let’s plays have officially become a thing now.  Just now.  Right here when I said it.  That made it so.

Anyways, once upon a time, I used to watch quite a bit of them.  Followed a few guys.  It was interesting, watching new perspectives on games I already knew, seeing someone go through a game they new so well, being introduced to whole new games I wouldn’t have experienced before.  And part of that was getting to know the people who played them.  The ones that were worth watching all had a good personality, and were able to bring something of themselves to the experience.

As I went through life, my time started coming at more of a premium, and I drifted away in favor of other things.

Yet now, as I become a stranger in a strange land, having next to no social network in this weird place I just moved to, I find myself coming back to them.  Specifically, the same people I used to watch.  And while part of it’s for entertainment value, another part of it feels kind of like catching up with old friends.  Coming back to the personalities I spent so much time with.  And it may be a little sad, but, being alone in a completely new and uncertain environment, that’s a really fulfilling feeling right now.  With as much personality as the good lpers put into these things, perhaps there’s something to it.

8 responses to “A Point for Let’s Plays

  1. I too have watched/read my fair share of Let’s Plays. I remember an interesting one on the Let’s Play Archive which saw the complete and utter deconstruction of Pokémon Blue. I also remember particularly hilarious ones of Phantasmagoria 2, SWAT 4, and Ripper by a certain famous internet critic. Which ones did you follow?

    • I’ve read the same Pokemon Blue lp. Good times. Pretty sure I know who you’re talking about with the video lps there, although I’ve never watched him myself. Funny how that works.

      As for the ones I follow, Retsupurae and Super Best Friends Play are the main ones I spend my time with. Spoiler Warning occasionally as well, although it’s really been a long while since I watched anything from them.

      • Well, I find them by the game, then stick around for the personality. Typicaly, I’ll discover a Let’s Player by looking up a specific game I want to see done, but if I keep watching them, it’s because I find their personality or what they’re able to say about games interesting or entertaining.

  2. There IS something to it, Lost.

    Even the ones that don’t seem to go for high entertainment value bring something very interesting and unique to the table. I’m hoping to use my YouTube channel to introduce Gamers to games they might not ordinarily know about.

  3. I generally prefer to play games rather than watch them even if they people involved are witty. The exception is Hearthstone clips because it helps me learn how to improve my plays. Let’s Plays are also good for when you get stuck on a game.

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