New Eden, Page 26: Jumpcuts Ahoy!

New Eden Page 26

Looking over this one after some time away, I’m a little worried I didn’t quite carry the sense of activity between panels well.  Any graphic novel is going to have things happen in the space between panels, that’s just how the medium works, but I don’t quite feel like one panel properly flows from the next, here.  That’s something I’m having to work on, through this whole graphic-novel-based-drawing-practice-thing.  Luckily, the next several action scenes have given me plenty of practice.

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2 responses to “New Eden, Page 26: Jumpcuts Ahoy!

  1. Conveying action in a comic is always tough. That’s why I tend to prefer anime adaptations over manga for any series that has a lot of battles.

    • There’s definitely an art to it. With many manga, at least, I think a lot of it lies on the pacing of the work, controlling how fast the eye absorbs the content on the page. I’ve known a lot of fight-heavy manga to lose me because the odd pacing, too fast in most cases, robs the fight scenes of their impact. Probably another thing I’ll have to watch out for here, too.

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