New Eden, Page 24-Catching Up Edition

Hey boys and girls, just back from a fortnight sojourning across the parts of America nobody likes to admit exist.  Still not done with life stuff, but until we’re ready for regular content to resume, have some more of this.

New Eden Page 24


Panel 1

AGLA:  Well, not really a guardian.  More like a steward.  An archangel, one of God’s most trusted, left to manage the place.

Panel 2

Smythe: You know what?  Just take that somewhere.  We’ll look over it once we get back to the states.

AGLA: What do you suppose happened to them?  The guardian, the archangel?

Panel 3

AGLA: How about another old testament story?  Are you familiar with Noah and the Ark?

Panel 4

Goon: Urgh!

Panel 5

Smythe: What the hell?  What was that?

Panel 6

Goon: The engines!  Something’s wrong!

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