New Eden Page 7: I Love Fight Scenes

Someday, my art will be good enough that it’s worth investing in, and I will own a scanner.  Until then, I’m afraid these low-quality images are the only way I have to document my work.

Anyways, the page!  So, here we have Lorelei’s thoughts as our narration.  I was trying to keep them short and clipped, like a stream of consciousness probably would be in the middle of a fight.  Not sure if that quite comes across, but I like the idea.  Think I’ll keep it going.  Only way to get better at this sort of thing is practice, after all.



Panel 1: Hey!
Panel 2: What is this?
Panel 3: Movement.  Just like in real life.
Panel 4: I have weapons.
Panel 5: Think I’m starting to figure this out.

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