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So here’s something I’ve been struggling with for a while.  I sometimes talk about writing here on this blog.  I’m fascinated by storytelling in a lot of different forms, both as a consumer and a creator, so it’s only natural that’d I’d like to discuss some facet of the craft or other.

Thing is, I feel like if someone is going to talk about writing, you really need to know where they’re coming from.  If someone has these big grandiose ideas about the art of creation, yet is a hack writer, that’s really going to color your impression of what they say.  On the other hand you’re going to take the words of someone who’s great at storytelling a lot more seriously.  I feel I owe it to those who’ve read my writing posts to give them a glimpse into my own work, to at least let them know where I stand in reading over my ideas and concepts.  But the only really creative work I’ve put up here has been my Let’s Plays, and really, those are just telling other people’s stories.  To fulfill my obligation, I need to make some of my own creative work public.  And therein lies the problem.

I’ve got a bit of a creative complex.  To me, only my current work is worth anything.  Once I’ve moved on from something, I start seeing all the flaws, and find it hard to look past it, whereas I’m convinced my current project is my best.  And who knows, I may be right.  It’d only make sense for me to keep growing with each work.  The one I’m on right now, though, is a little… different.  I’ve been trying to work on my meager skills in visual arts for a while now, and when I started my current project, I was wanting something that would give me a lot of practice in that area.  The story I was really wanting to write seemed to translate really well to a graphic novel, so everything worked out.  I’d write some kickass comic, draw the pages myself, and get both my writing and drawing practice in at the same time.

I just never intended anyone to read them.  To date, I’m 26 pages into my graphic novel, and only Harliqueen and Matt Harris have ever laid eyes on any of it.  Well, that ends today.  I’ve decided to take a stand against my own insecurities and start posting them here.  I’m still very much a learning artist, so the visuals are pretty rough and in several cases incomplete.  Compounding the problem, I don’t really have a great way of getting the images off paper and onto my computer.  But I’ve been enjoying this story than I have any other to come out of my head in a long while, and if I was going to be sharing any one of them, it’d be this one.  So, here’s New Eden.

New Eden Page 1


What if, as many believe, there are worlds beyond our own?

Not just other planets or galaxies, but completely new realms, universes, and planes?

And what if, in all these infinite possibilities for these infinite peoples in these infinite worlds, something, just once, went horrible wrong?

What if this disaster was not limited to the realm it started in?

And if that source world, its own cause lost, sent a warning cascading through the planes, would anyone else be prepared?

Would any other realm be able to stop it?

If even they couldn’t stop the calamity, with all their time to prepare, what would happen if there was one world…

that the message…





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5 responses to “New Eden, Page 1

  1. You did it! 🙂 I’m so pleased you put it up. I don’t think you should just judge your current work as worthy. Over the years we’ve known each other, I’ve read and seen a lot of your work and have loved it all. You have a real talent for creating stories and characters that capture the imagination!

    • Thanks! That’s really good to hear. You’ve seen more of my work than anybody, so if I haven’t repulsed you away yet, well, I’m sure that means something.

  2. hey aether – sorry man, life’s been super hectic lately – i’ll fallen WAY behind on your posts – I’m hoping to catch up this week.

    • I imagine life’ll pretty much always get that way when your switching homes/starting a new job. No worries, and take your time. The posts aren’t going anywhere, and it’s not like you owe me readership, in any case. I hope you enjoy them, when you do find the time to make it through!

      How are things going in the salt mines, by the way?

      • Great to be honest, love this new job, amazing people and its something I’m pretty good at which is new for me!

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